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Women’s Empowerment Through Self Defense Course Cost and Description

Greetings Ladies!

B.O.S.S., Inc. is pleased to announce its "Women's Empowerment Through Self Defense" initiative. This very powerful course is now being offered as a three part series. Each class of this series will build upon the previous and yield its own unique level of discipline, thereby creating a complete self-defense package.

  • Phase I - Basic Self Defense Techniques (Beginners Class – 2 hours)

  • Phase II - Advanced Self Defense Techniques (Prerequisite: Phase I – 2 hours)

  • Phase III - Firearm Proficiency and Safety (No Prerequisite – 4 hours)

  • Complete Defense Series (No Prerequisite)

  • Combat Fitness- (No Prerequisite – 1.5 hours)

Course Calendar

Atlanta, GA